Monday, April 24, 2017

Skopje Zoo: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

For 100 MKD for the 2 of us (about $1.75) we could walk around the Skopje Zoo on Sunday afternoon. It is right next door to the Museum of Natural History (which we'll share more about in a separate post)

There was a lot of construction going on - and several cafes that seemed new - so it looks like there are a lot of improvements underway.

We had intended to wait until the weather was nicer before visiting the zoo - but we were here to visit the Museum of Natural History - and - since the Zoo was open until 7:00 pm on Sunday, we were able to visit here as well.  (I think we will go back again when the weather is nicer. It was cold and windy and drizzly last night - so I think we were walking through a bit more briskly than usual.)

the openings in the fence were wide enough for animals to stick their heads out - this baby goat got my attention when I was fumbling in my purse to find my camera

he (or she) was also sticking his (or her) head out through the fence - so - we started to keep a safer distance

we felt awfully close to the bears

the giraffes were hanging out inside this tall building (it was cold - I am not judging them) ...but we could see them gracefully walking around through the windows

a nice new cafe...there were several open throughout the park (even though it was getting late and cold on a Sunday)

Why, no. It is never too cold or too rainy for ice cream. And, of course, the time is always right for a macchiatto
there were lovely seating areas throughout the park

on our walk home, we stopped off at a playground, where my daughter found a playmate for the see-saw

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