Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ohrid: Ohrid Pearls!

I am absolutely crazy about pearls. I have been since I can remember.  For a special graduation gift, my relatives chipped in to buy me my first pearl necklace.  (Later my beloved Great Aunt Nan (one of my daughter's two namesakes) gave me the pearl necklace that she received as a gift from her sorority sisters upon her graduation.) I am not sure I can explain what it is about pearls, but they are my favorite - and have been for a long time.

There were "Ohrid Pearls" in nearly every shop in the center of town. Of course, I wanted to learn more about these "Ohrid Pearls" - and had every intention of leaving Ohrid with a special memento not only of this weekend but also of my wonderfully rewarding experience here in Macedonia.

So - what are these "Ohrid Pearls"? Are they from oysters in the lake??


They are made using the scales of a fish from Lake Ohrid - Plasica -but the recipe and the process of exactly how these beautiful pearls are crafted is a well-kept family secret.

We visited the shop of one of the two original families who started creating the Ohrid pearls back in the 1920s -- the Filevi shop -- which was conveniently located just steps from our hotel.

I bought a beautiful souvenir that I will treasure.

And - shhhhhhh -- I also picked up a a treat for my daughter for her birthday in June.  Incidentally, pearls are the "birthstone" for June -- and her name is derived from the Greek word for "pearl" -- so these Ohrid Pearls will be a very special souvenir for her as well.
Our treasures, beautifully gift boxed by the fourth-generation owner of this can see the splendor of the pearls behind him and in the display cases.

 the staff were helpful in telling us more about Ohrid Pearls - and picking out just the right treat
 Here is their website, which also includes a video detailing the history of the Ohrid pearl:

And here is their facebook page:

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