Friday, April 21, 2017

Ohrid: King Samuel (Tsar Samoil) Fortress

Somehow I don't have pictures of us climbing up to the top of this hill to the fortress - but - I will say that (despite the foot injury that I am still nursing) the climb is well worth it. Spectacular views of Ohrid and the lake - and interesting to learn more from our guide about Tsar Samoil (967-1014)

From my Bradt Macedonia Travel Guide (p. 184):

"The fortress dates only from the end of the 10th century, but records from Livy and other ancient historians tell us that a fortress has stood on the top of Ohrid Hill since at least the 3rd century BC and other findings go back even further. In 2002 a golden mask ... from the Paeonian period were found behind the fortress walls. Today much of the 3km fortified wall which enclosed the fortress can be seen... Up until the Ottomans arrived in Ohrid in 1395, the town was completely enclosed within these great city walls, and only two gates, the Upper Gate and Lower Gate, existed by which to enter the town. With the arrival of the Ottoman Turks the town expanded beyond the walls, with the Christian population within the town walls and the Ottoman Turkish population outside it."
here you can see the fortress in the background, atop the hill

not sure what I would have done without these hiking boots from my friend Tina! THANKS so much!!

our next stop after visiting the fortress -- good exercise going up and down the hill!

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