Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ohrid: Sveta Bogorodica Perivlepta (Our Lady the Most Glorious) (old Crkva Sv. Kliment)

I have a collection of the books from all of the churches and monasteries we have visited. Since no photos are allowed to be taken inside, this is my way of having pictures of the magnificent frescoes.

According to the book about this church "When the frescoes in Sveti Kliment in Ohrid were cleaned after the Second World War, and again looked down from the walls they had been painted on with healed eyes, art historians realised that they could be included among those that were to bring about essential changes in our knowledge of late 13th and early 14th century art in the Balkans and in Orthodox south-eastern Europe. Finished in 1295, they represent the oldest cycle of fresco painting of the so-called Paleologus Renaissance, which was also the last chapter of Byzantine art. Sveti Kliment has the largest number of preserved signatures of two artists, the fresco painters Mihail and Eutihije. At the time of their work in Ohrid, the were already mature painters who were to dominate Macedonian and Serbian art in the following twenty-five years."

King Samuel fortress in the background, taken from the grounds of Sv Bogorodica Perivlepta
the church was just beyond one of the gates to the city

we were so lucky to have this guide to show us around Ohrid!

beautiful vistas from the church grounds, including of the fortress of King Samuel

beautiful views of the lake and the mountains from the church grounds

exiting the church grounds - one our way to the fortress
one of the many churches in is said that at one time there were 365 for every day of the year

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