Friday, April 21, 2017

Ohrid: Vila Mal Sv. Kliment, hotel and winery

Wow! We loved loved loved our hotel. The Vila Mal Sv. Kliment.

When we checked in we were told that the hotel had recently opened a wine bar next door and that we were welcome to head over for a complimentary glass of wine.  This sounded like a great way to kick off our vacation in Ohrid.  After we put away our luggage (and enjoyed the stunning views of the lake from our balcony), we visited the wine bar.

Our questions/interest/enthusiasm for the wine prompted the staffer to ask us if we were interested in a private wine tasting that evening. Why, Yes!! That sounded wonderful!  So, we went out to explore the town and waterfront area (only steps from our hotel) and enjoyed a light dinner -- and returned to the hotel for our private tasting.

It turned out that the private tasting was with the owner/winemaker himself! What a lovely evening!

A wine enthusiast, he told us all about his search for the grapes and the quest for the vines to be preserved - how his friends and family who take part in the harvest (which sounded like it would be a fun holiday as well!) - how he acquired the amphoras (and imported it from Georgia, transporting it safely down the hill and into the hotel wine bar) - and about each of the wines we were tasting that evening.

We tried Rkatsiteli (one of the oldest grape varieties; from Georgia), Pamid (an ancient variety; the color was a beautiful salmon red), Ohrid Scortsorno, Vranec, a Vranec/Cabernet blend, and concluded the evening with a yellow rakija (like a brandy).

The next morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee on our balcony, anticipating the adventures of exploring Ohrid.

Here is the hotel website:
and facebook page:

And my review of the hotel was published on review
so excited when we arrived to check out the views from our balcony!

the views from our balcony

just underneath our balcony was this church - Mal Sv. Kliment - one of the 365 churches in Ohrid

our driver left us off at the top of this hill (cars are not allowed on this street) - and then we walked down to the hotel

the church across from the hotel - Mal Sv. Kliment

I loved the mosaic in the wine bar/breakfast area
the wine bar/breakfast room

the hotel was just steps from the center - here we are heading back to the room after a walk exploring the town

I've been here for months - and this was my first taste of rakija

our private wine tasting - what a treat!

the amphoras (clay pots that are mostly underground)

Cheers to spring break in Ohrid

with the owner/winemaker - thanks for such a wonderful evening!

our souvenirs (wish we could get the Rkatsiteli home to Florida....would be perfect on a hot summer night)

thanks for sharing your passion for winemaking with us!

our daughter inspects the amphora

beautiful mosaic greets you as you enter the hotel...sets the scene for the many ancient mosaics one sees when touring the churches around Ohrid
enjoyed a cup of coffee on the balcony ... what beautiful views to wake up to

the view from the sitting area in our room
our room was beautifully furnished

Selfie with the owner/winemaker.  What wonderful hospitality! I hope we have the chance to visit Ohrid again! And, when we do, we will stay at Vila Mal Sv. Kliment

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