Friday, April 21, 2017

Ohrid: Monastery Sv. Naum (and boat trip through the springs)

The first thing we did when we arrived in Ohrid was to visit the Monastery of Sveti Naum.

The monastery was established in 905 by Sv. Naum, who is also buried there beneath the 16th century church that is in the middle of the monastery courtyard.

According to our Bradt Maceodnia Travel Guide, the church had been destroyed during Ottoman times; its remains were rediscovered in 1955 when  excavations beneath the present church were carried out. "The original church was a typical trefoil or clover-leaf design and contained the tomb and relics of Sv. Naum himself. These have been preserved and re-interred beneath a new floor of the present church, which is now marked with black and white marble to show the floor plan of the original 10th century church."

After exploring the grounds of the monastery and the church in the courtyard (and enjoying the views of the lake and the mountains -- and -- the peacocks!), we took a boat ride through the springs.  Only a few row boats are allowed, so as not to destroy the ecosystem there. So it was quite peaceful and idyllic as we rowed through the springs. 

beautiful views of the lake and the mountains from this position on the hill

we managed a photo op with one of the peacocks without harassing any ;-)

the approach to Sv. Naum
it's always time for ice cream! a yummy treat overlooking Lake Ohrid
Beware the peacocks!

of course I wanted to get a picture with a peackock....but without harassing them!

remembering Grammy and G-Pop and Aunt Nan and Peg and Kelley and David - sometimes people are surprised at how many candles we light below, but these dear loved ones are always in our hearts, and we remember them at each monastery

continually crossing paths with peacocks ;-)

even albino peacocks
After the monastery, we took a boat ride through the springs.
getting ready for our boat ride through the springs

I hope I can add the video so you can see the springs bubbling up
our guide docked the boat here so we could get out and see this chapel

If I remember correctly, the guide explained that there were 3 streams that fed into this place - and then joined as one

these restaurants - with the dining out on the water (as on a dock) -  looked so serene - some even had musicians playing - what a tranquil spot - we did not take the time to stay to dine here - I hope some day we can return to Ohrid

during the entire visit we could see why this was a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural and for its natural beauty

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