Saturday, April 29, 2017

Skopje: Museum of Contemporary Art

We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art.  It has nice views overlooking Skopje. (It was just up the road from the Kale Fortress and the Bushi Resort and Spa)

According to my Skopje Museum Tour guide book, the museum was established by the city in 1964, and the current building opened in 1970.  The second floor was closed, so we did not see the permanent exhibit that we were expecting to see (with the work pictured in the guide book) but we DID get to see the one painting we went to see -- which was by my daughter's art teacher at her school here in Skopje: Kristina Bozhurska. And the current exhibit: Mihajlo Arsovski posters.

Ms. Kristina's work on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art!

my daughter's art teacher!
Here is Kristina Bozurska's website:

and she has a blog about her art classes at QSI:

record players with flags of the different Balkan nations, all spinning in different directions (or not at all)

this one is a cracked wall, and a picture in shattered glass on the floor - with reference to the devastating earthquake in 1963

beautiful views of the city from the Museum

when we arrived I got nervous (about crowds) when I saw all the tour it turned out, we were the only guests at the time - so, I am not sure about the buses

a sign for the poster exhibition

From the Exploring Macedonia website, a more dramatic photo of the museum. There is a terrace her that would be (must be?) great for receptions

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