Friday, April 28, 2017

On my way back from class at SEEU Skopje: That was Then, This is Now

As you know the SEEU Skopje campus is in a building that is at the gateway to the Old Bazaar.  I usually take a taxi to class and then take my time walking home (sometimes stopping for lunch or at the grocery store, etc. on my way back to the apartment). 

It was such a beautiful spring day -- clear blue skies, sunshine.  And the fountains are now flowing.  I thought I would share a few pictures with you of my walk home from class  (and contrast with pics of the same area from when I first arrived in the winter) 

I am glad that we could be here to experience the seasons.  Especially my daughter who, as a Florida native, does not really experience seasons.

approaching the SEEU campus

this is the old hamam on the other side of those rugs (you can see it if you look closely through the display)


(here you can see the Macedonian, Albanian, and English)

these macchiattos that you can get in the self-service machine in the Cafe for 20 MKD (about 35 cents) are surprisingly good

I'll have to take a video of this fountain - there are various patterns and lights - this still photo does not do the fountain justice

there is a Mini dealership here - and I see lots of Minis around town - sometimes I miss my car (#8) - but I don't think I would be brave enough to drive him around Skopje
Image may contain: car, sky, cloud and outdoor
in Key West (at the Southernmost point in the US) in January...he turns 13 in September

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