Friday, April 28, 2017

QSI Skopje: International Food Festival and Art Auction

It was a beautiful spring evening at QSI for the International Food Festival and Art Auction.

We enjoyed delicious delicacies from all over the world - and we purchased art, with the proceeds going to help the school.

We appreciate the opportunities to visit with the other families at our school.

the parents bought delicacies from all of the world (my favorites were the Swedish meatballs with lingenberry jam, the empanadas, and the Indian rice dishes)
we brought our favorite triple fudge (with chocolate chips!) Ghiradelli brownie mix from Florida, so it would be handy for just this kind of potluck situation
I wanted to get a picture of my daughter's brownies (our American contribution) but I wanted too long...
one of my daughter's pieces on display before the event

this was a group project done by my daughter's class

we were outbid on my daughter's art teacher's piece. we came so close! we are going to head over to the Museum of Contemporary Art where some of her work is on display

this was done by my daughter's quilling teacher -- my daughter loves quilling after school on Tuesdays

we also went home with this plate that my daughter painted


my daughter's painting being auctioned off....I was the high bidder

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