Saturday, April 29, 2017

QSI Skopje: Yard Sale!

QSI opened the grounds for the US Embassy's (and others from QSI community) annual Yard Sale.

Truthfully I was going to avoid the yard sale, as I did not want to be tempted to come home with any stuff we didn't need and couldn't pack to go home -- but we found a few special treats.  A "Roadtrip" board game.  A vintage shirt from DDR/GDR/East Germany (that was a gift to the seller's mother that was like new).  A Vera Bradley make-up case (that was 20 MKD35 cents?!).  And the book Who Are the Macedonians?  

After we shopped, my daughter played with some of her friends from school on the playground while I enjoyed a macchiatto in the Community Room (and read the section on "The Albanian Question" in the chapter on "Independent Macedonia" - Who Are the Macedonians? which was written in 1995 and this second edition is from 2000 - it was interesting to read this perspective, from before 2001 and the current political crisis)

Then we were off to find the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Macedonia...


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