Friday, April 28, 2017

Skopje: Macedonian National Theater MNT

Every day when I head to class I pass the Macedonian National Theater. (It is located along the Vardar River, next to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle (see this blog post about Museum of Macedonian Struggle) across from the Holocaust Museum (see this post about Holocaust Museum)
and the Old Stone Bridge.

Finally - we had a chance to tour the inside.

The tour books that we have suggested that there were guided tours 4 times a day (except on Mondays). We raced to get there in time for the 13:00 tour, and then proceeded to try doors on each side of the building, until we found one that opened. We tried explaining we were there for the tour, but the Security Guard looked at us, confused.

Another staffer came out to help us. I am not sure if they are no longer giving public tours? or what the situation is exactly, but the nice staff person took us on a private guided tour of the whole theater building, including performance rooms and back stage (where they were setting up for a performance that evening) and a smaller theater and the costume collection - and out on the many balconies to see the views of Skopje from different angles.

We explained that we wanted to find out how to see a show at the Theater - we could not find how to purchase tickets online (and I am still not sure where the box office is) - but he gave me his cell phone to call in May to find out the schedule once it is announced.

As usual - Macedonian hospitality was on display. We appreciate his willingness to lead us on a private tour around the Theater. And we hope that we can, in fact, return for a performance here.

Here is the MNT website:

and the MNT facebook page:

here you can see Kale fortress in the background

the Old Stone Bridge and the Vardar River

the Holocaust Museum is behind us on the left, and the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle is on the right

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