Saturday, April 29, 2017

Family Bazaar at Nova International School Skopje

Last weekend we enjoyed attending the Family Bazaar at Nova International School in Skopje. Children performed, there was a petting zoo, a craft bazaar, a book fair, a raffle, and, my favorite, the international food festival.

Here is a video of the event from Nova:  Family Bazaar 2017 Nova video

Here is the Nova school website:
and the Nova school facebook page:

the most popular booth was this one - set up by a bright young entrepreneur named Olimpia - who - after many experiments - came up with her own recipe for slime - I think they sold out by lunchtime! My favorites were the glitter slime - and the kit - that had the ingredients to make the slime (without giving away the recipe)

and such cool packaging!

and a great logo!

my favorite booth was Hungary - enjoyed a glass of Tokaij while meandering around the event

we bought some of this shampoo from a Polish company...too bad they didn't have these cute t-shirts in adult sizes

tiramisu at the Italian booth

so many lovely crafts made by Macedonian artists - we are going to special order a felt book from this artist - for me to bring back for my nephew who lives in Colorado

watched several groups of students perform

we enjoyed the walk back to our apartment, under this lovely canopy of trees

some of the treats we brought home - slime, candy from Poland, earrings, felt crafts, tour info about Greece, cookies fro Hungary, a book from the book fair, and our raffle tickets
Yay! We got a call on Monday that one of our tickets was pulled after we left the event -- a gift bag from Alkaloid -- so we got a taxi back to Nova after Peggy got home from school to collect our goodies

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