Monday, May 29, 2017

SERBIA, Belgrade: McDonalds!?

As we were entering the city of Belgrade (our first traffic circle/stop to ask for directions) - I looked out my window to see this - McDONALDs!  OMG! My daughter was ecstatic at the prospect of a McFlurry!! Could we stop Right. This. Minute?! NO! We were on a quest to find first the Tesla Museum (which I thought closed at 3 pm) and then the Museum of Yugoslav History and then the Fortress. THEN we could stop for a snack at McDonald's.

We have been living in Macedonia for nearly 5 months - and there are no McDonald's here.  We have traveled throughout the peninsula - to Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bulgaria - but - until this stop in Belgrade. No McDonald's.

(This has been a good thing, in my opinion. And we have absolutely loved the food here. But my daughter was definitely excited at the prospect of a Happy Meal (and toy) and a McFlurry for dessert)

She's lovin' it

this was our first McDondald's sighting in Belgrade

I loved all the trolleys ... they remind me of my Aunt Nan and Phildelphia
I said we could not stop for a snack until after the Tesla Museum. So, after the Tesla Museum my daughter wanted to get back to this McDs. The driver did not know how to get back here. So I insisted that we go on. With more than a million people in Belgrade - I assumed that there had to be more than one McDonalds. And probably another more centrally located.

As luck would have it, as we were getting from Tesla Museum to (we had hoped) the Museum of Yugoslav History, we drove by this McDs. And I agreed to stop for a quick lunch.

I was tempted to try those camembert donuts - but - I got a salad instead

we had a lovely view of the park

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