Monday, May 29, 2017

SERBIA, Belgrade: Kalemegdan Park and Fortress (and festival)

Visiting the Kalemegdan Park and Fortress was high on our list of things we wanted to do in Belgrade. Even better - there was a festival going on that afternoon - with booths from regions all over Serbia. We got to learn more about crafts and customs - and to sample delicious treats - and to enjoy performances by dancers and musicians. It was a lovely afternoon with blue skies, sunshine, a gentle breeze - in a historic setting with a kid-friendly atmosphere.

This fortress - located atop a cliff-like ridge overlooking the confluence of the Rivers Sava and the Danube - dates back thousands of years - since before Roman times. (Justinian I re-built the fortress in 535 AD)

part of the Military Museum exhibits

we didn't have enough time to see the Medieval instruments of torture

the confluence of River Sava and the Danube

could not pass up trying this "chimney" dessert ... it was delicious ... though so sweet and rich I could only have a few bites

we found a special handpainted stone (including pheasants) for Uncle Bruce

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