Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ilina Design

We met an artist at the Nova Family Bazaar (See the blog post family-bazaar-at-nova-international)

from whom we bought adorable strawberry earrings for my daughter (pictured in the blog post above) at the event.  I also fell in love with a cactus ring she had made (of metal), but it was too big.

The artist, Ilina, of Ilina Design, later sized it for me, and she and I met up in my neighborhood.  She suggested a place called Cresha Bar. I had not yet been there. Eager to try new places, I agreed.  It was such a lovely afternoon. I tried taking some pictures, but they don't do the courtyard justice.  The weather was perfect, we were under a canopy of branches. And we were just far enough off Partizanska that the air seemed fresh and the sound of the traffic in the distance. It was an oasis. (Plus, my NessCafe was delicious)  I have no idea how I have not been here before?!

We had a lovely chat, and I was delighted to learn that she is working on a new series titled "Miami Inspirations," that includes pink flamingos and tropical leaves. Wouldn't it be ironic if I traveled all the way to the Balkans to find creative pink flamingo jewelry?!

As my friends tell me here, in the Balkans, in Macedonia, anything is possible!

Here is Ilina's facebook page:

And here is the Cresha Bar facebook page:

my new cacti bracelet and ring

I *loved* this bicycle table!

Near our apartment there is a Green Market - and also this flower market. I have been meaning to stop by for flowers for our apartment for ages, but never had the time. On this beautiful Friday afternoon/evening, as I was walking by on my way back from this appointment, I finally stopped to smell the proverbial roses

I brought home this lovely bouquet for our apartment for 100 MKD (less than $2)

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