Saturday, May 20, 2017

Democracy Lab -- site visit -- new offices in Tetovo!

Those of you following this blog may remember that I met - way back in February! - with the Founder and CEO of Democracy Lab, Sefer Selimi.

He is one of many impressive US Exchange Alumni -- he was part of the Community Solution Program, a leadership program of the US Department of State, implemented by IREX -- I have met while in Macedonia.

(Here is a post from February. regarding the Democracy Lab conference in Tetovo "Adapting Democracy to the Digital Era":

Democracy Lab recently moved into their new office space in Tetovo, and I wanted to stop by to see the new facility - and to invite any interested students from my "Democracy and Civil Society" class from the State University to visit as well.  They are bright first-year Political Science students - and this would be a great internship placement.

The Democracy Lab - and, pictured here are the President, Sefer, and Peace Corps Volunteer Alexander - is working on an exciting civics education project. Stay tuned!

You can learn more about DemocracyLab here:
     Their website is
     Their facebook page is

with the Founder and CEO of Democracy Lab, Sefer
Peace Corps Volunteer Alexander (based in Gostivar)

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