Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tetovo: Traditional Handicrafts at Forumi Gruas

When I learned that the Forumi Gruas was selling traditional handicrafts made by women to support its mission -- I wanted to find out how we could make a contribution.

I appreciated Maria (Peace Corps Volunteer) and Xhane (the President of the Forumi Gruas) for coming in on the weekend to meet with me (when we were in Tetovo visiting with friends) and to show me some of the crafts available for purchase.

More about the traditional handicrafts project:

The goal of the project was to revitalize craft skills as an opportunity for women’s economic opportunities by promoting the preservation of traditional crafts and development of new cultural industries through traditional weaving.
  • Improve the capacity of the "Centre for Traditional Crafts in the Old Town" by establishing a workshop for weaving 
  • Improve the visibility of the traditional crafts community
  • Increase the knowledge of traditional crafts among young women where the dissemination of woven crafts can be a positive example of a pilot model for new businesses and trades
  • Improving the understanding and building of confidence between ethnic groups in Macedonia through exchange, interaction, and creating each others traditional handicrafts
  • Increasing interest for cultural treasures of Macedonia for tourism and economic development
As you can see in the pictures below, the products are magnificent. What I really want is a complete traditional costume that I could display on a mannequin as in the picture, below - and - as in the Museum of Macedonia: 

I am so happy that we could purchase some of these beautiful traditional handicrafts -- mementos from Macedonia made even more special since their purchase helps to support the critical work of the Forumi Gruas.  I hope others will want to do the same!  Please visit the Forumi Gruas facebook page (link below) for more information.

the bead work on the belts is spectacular
I want a complete costume to display - like one on the mannequin in the rear of this photo (one is Macedonian and one Albanian - although those on the mannequins are not for sale). I am not sure where in the beach bungalow we could display such a mannequin - but I am smitten by the intricate artwork on every single piece that makes up the complete costume.

this is the small rug we purchased (we also need to consider what will fit in our suitcases...)
with the Center's Director

and with Peace Corps Volunteer Maria

For more (from this blog) about Forumi Gruas and the important work of the legal clinic:

meeting with Peace Corps Volunteer Maria:

"Democracy and Civil Society" class field trip:

working with my Democracy and Civil Society class from the State University in Tetovo and Forumi Gruas and Zonta Club Skopje and Maria of the Peace Corps to raise awareness about the need to eliminate violence against women and girls:

Here is the facebook page:  Forumi Gruas facebook page

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