Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SEEU Constitutional Law final exam (but *not* final meeting!)

Today we met for the purpose of administering/collecting the Final Exam for my SEEU course in U.S. Constitutional Law.

As today was our last "official" class meeting, we took a class picture. (Obvs)
But I am not going to be sad yet, because we still have 2 more activities planned together this week.

On the 3rd floor, outside our classroom
last classroom selfie :-(

Now - it's time to grade!

A look back on  some of the highlights of this semester with my SEEU class:

Oral Argument Simulation

Field Trip/Visit to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia


Mid-Term Exams....and Macchiatos


Debate: Judicial Review in a Constitutional Democracy


How to Brief a Case Exercise


(and, after grading dozens of briefs, I can assure you that the students have now mastered this exercise..)

Week 2 of Constitutional Law: Gavel Pencils for everyone!

Week 1 of Constitutional Law: Supreme Court Bingo Comes to Skopje!


Welcome to SEEU Skopje campus -- Vice Rector Blerim Reka

Special Guests Stop by my Constitutional Law class


SEEU Campus Location in Skopje (gateway to the Old Bazaar)


Meanwhile, over on the Tetovo Campus...

Meeting with the leadership of the Law Faculty

Meeting with Chairman of the Board, Dennis Farrington-- and law students


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  1. Oh! I miss my days too! I was preparing for law that time. All of us would sit together and Practice LSAT Questions all day long. It was the most amazing time of my life. I miss my friends a lot, your post reminded me of those days. Good luck to you all for your new journey of life.