Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tetovo: Some highlights of my time at the State University of Tetovo

This semester I was privileged to have been a Fulbright Scholar -- "Rule of Law and Civil Society" in Macedonia -- teaching 3 courses with 3 faculties at 2 universities in 2 cities.

One of those universities was the State University of Tetovo.  I was working with 1st year Political Science Students ("Democracy and Civil Society") and 3rd year Law Students ("Constitutional Law").  I also delivered guest lectures with graduate students on the Tetovo campus, and I met with students at the SUT extension campuses in Skopje and in Struga.

The Rector Vullnet Ameti, Vice Rector Arber Celiku, Head of the International Relations Office Hatibe Deari, Dean  Ferat Polisi, and faculty members of the Departments were so welcoming and have made me feel very much a part of the academic community here. 

A very special thanks to Vice Dean of the Law Faculty Jusuf Zejneli and Political Science Professor Shefik Shehu for handling all the details of my courses and for making me feel a part of the Departments.

I have gotten to know my students well over the course of the semester. In addition to our lectures on campus, we have spent time together on a number of field trips and community service projects (e.g., visits to the Constitutional Court, the Mayor's Office, NGOs, etc.)

My students were bright, engaged, and committed to working for a brighter future for Macedonia.

I am looking forward to our continued cooperation! I hope this semester is only the beginning.

Here is a look back at some of the blog posts from my time in Tetovo:

Welcome to the State University of Tetovo

Meeting with the Dean of the Law Faculty

Political Science Faculty -- "Democracy and Civil Society"

Field trip to Skopje -- TV24 -- Taping of "Open" and meeting wtih NDI

Field Trip to Gratnica, meeting with NGO Happy Life

Field Trip/Visit to meet with Mayor of Tetovo Teuta Arifi

Say No to Violence Against Women event -- Tetovo

Say No to Violence Against Women event -- Skopje -- with SUT students in Professor Gjyla Celiku's class at State University Tetovo Skopje campus

Field Trip to Forumi Gruas

Youth Conference - "Youth Leading in the Digital Era"

Site Visit: Democracy Lab

The views from our classroom

Assessing community needs

Our first seminar

Law Faculty -- "Constitutional Law"

Field Trip/Visit to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia -- Visit with Judge Gaber-Damjanovska and Judge Ismail Darlishta 

Field Trip/Visit the Ministry of Economy and Minister Driton Kuci

Supreme Court Bingo - and - gavel pencils for everyone!

How to Brief a Case Workshop -- and US Constitutions for everyone!

Minister Driton Kuci stops by our Constitutional Law seminar

Law Library at the State University, donation of course materials

First Lecture

Meetings with other State University of Tetovo students:

Guest lecture with the MA students in Tetovo

Visit the State University of Tetovo extension campus in Struga

Guest Lecture at the State University of Tetovo extension campus in Skopje -- "Campaigns and Elections in the US"

Media Events with State University Faculty

Guest on TV24 Show Open with SUT Law Professor Arta Bilalli-Zendeli

Guest on TV21 International Women's Day program with SUT Political Science professor Gjyla Celiku

Other events and activities with students:

students in both law and political science came to the American Corner for my presentation about the US Supreme Court

Open Day at the State University

Of course the piece de resistance was

Prom - Senior weekend - Struga

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