Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tetovo: SEEU Commencement 26 May 2017

It was a cool and rainy day in Tetovo, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm at the SEEU Commencement exercises.

I have very much enjoyed my time teaching at SEEU (first year law students on the Skopje campus). Just before this commencement ceremony I met with my students for the last time (in Skopje) -- returning their final exams and their final grade sheets. I hope this won't be "Mirupafshim" -- that we can stay in touch via our class facebook group -- and that I may welcome some of these students at USFSP (and/or bring students from USFSP to Macedonia on a study abroad course).

I am also looking forward to working with colleagues from SEEU on research projects and exchange programs -- so I hope this is only the beginning of our cooperation.

CONGRATS to the class of 2017!

the soon-to-be graduates process to their seats
Minister of Education Pishtar Lutfu

the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Willem Wouter Plomp
There is a special connection between the Netherlands and SEEU, as it was Dutch Diplomat Max van der Stoel, who, as High Commissioner for National Minorities for the OSCE, was instrumental in establishing this university to provide greater access to higher education in the Albanian language in Macedonia. For more, see

Blerton Zejneli being recognized as one of the top graduates of SEEU -- CONGRATS!
Followers of this blog may remember Blerton Zejneli from the student conference that he organized -- "Youth Leading in a Digital Era."  Here is the blog post for more:

I congratulate Blerton and all of the student leaders - graduates - of the Class of 2017 of SEEU!

the Rector of SEEU Dr. Zamir Dika concludes the ceremony

Commencement Video from the SEEU website

SEEU website:

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