Sunday, May 14, 2017

Skopje Aqueduct

The only aqueduct in Macedonia, it is one of the 3 largest and best-preserved aqueducts in the former Yugoslavia. (The others are near Split in Croatia and the Bar aqueduct in Montenegro.)

According to my Bradt Macedonia Travel Guide the exact origin is unknown. "Some sources say it dates back to the 1st century AD Roman times when it brought water 9K from Lavorec to Skupi. Others say it was built by Justinian I when he rebuilt Skupi after the earthquake of 518. Still others say the Ottoman lord Isa Bey built it in the 16th century to supply the many amams, such as Cifte, Gurciler, and Daut Pasha Hamam. When the English traveler Dr. Edward Brown wrote about it on a 1673 visit, he counted around 200 arches."

(There are 55 arches today.)

THANKS Tanja for helping us find the aqueduct and joining us for this adventure!

I was blown away by the aqueduct
And now my daughter knows the difference between an aqueduct and the "aquaduck" (ride on the Disney Cruise Line). I am sure I explained what an "aqueduct" was the first time we went on the ride?! But now I know she has an understanding of the play on words.!

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