Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Grand Opening of the New American Corner in Skopje, with US Ambassador Baily

Today the new American Corner in Skopje was dedicated. (Located across Goce Delcev from UKIM, it is not far from the previous Corner.)  US Ambassador Jess Baily and Mayor of the Municipality Center Andrej Zhernovski each said a few words, and then together they cut the ribbon to this beautiful new facility.

The American Corner program is sponsored by the US Department of State. The American Corners are a wonderful way to introduce American culture directly to the people.  In addition to books, movies, games and other materials that can be checked out free of charge and computers that can be used on site, the American Corners host a number of activities, programs, events for the local community.

The new Skopje American Corner is a bright, cheery space, full of resources - free of charge - for those who wish to visit.

The American Corners Macedonia website:

The American Corner Skopje facebook page:

More about the American Corners in Macedonia can be found on this blog:

Skopje (the previous location):





And, in Kosovo, the American Corner in Pristina

what a bright, cheery space. and so many great resources - free of charge!

it was cloudy and overcast in the morning, but  no rain for the event....I take that as a good omen for the new AC

US Ambassador Jess Baily

Mayor of Municipality Center Andrej Zhernovski

cutting the ribbon
welcomed with traditional bread and salt

officially the  most adorable attendees at today's event

American snacks! cupcakes, nachos and brownies!  (yes, I brought a brownie home for my daughter)

fun at the podium after the event

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