Monday, May 29, 2017

SERBIA, Nis: Guest Lecture at the American Corner

One of my former students - the incomparable Lauren Shumate - was a Fulbrighter in Nis. Since we arrived in Macedonia, we have tried our best to see as much of Macedonia and as much of the Balkan peninsula as possible (so far regional travel has included Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bulgaia).  Of course we very much wanted to visit Serbia, especially Belgrade, capital of the former Yugoslavia, of which Macedonia was a part. But, after all of the wonderful things I learned from Lauren, we simply could not visit Serbia without a stop in Nis. 

Fun fact:  Nis is the birthplace of Emperor Constantine.

We were able to visit some extraordinary historical sites -- like the fortress, the Skull Tower, and the Concentration Camp. More on these Nis sites in separate posts.

For this post, I will share some pictures of the American Corner in Nis -- a wonderful (and active) library located on a lovely pedestrian boulevard with many inviting shops, restaurants, and cafes. We actually hurried past the Corner (by accident) and ended up exploring the entire boulevard in our quest to find the Corner - but - it was a beautiful day - and we still arrived in plenty of time for my guest lecture presentation.

Here is the facebook page of the American Corner Nis:

Why a map of France in the American Corner, you ask? Because this large conference room on the top floor of the building is shared by the American Corner and the Institut Francais.

in addition to the great questions during the Q&A session, I enjoyed meeting with this professor and her students after the lecture for additional discussion

my daughter also enjoys her visits to the American Corners

this is the entrance to the Corner

a view to the left and to the right of the entrance to the Corner

in our quest to find the Corner, we explored the entire boulevard - which was not for naught - since we stopped by to visit with this artist. My daughter is learning quilling after school on Tuesdays, and she loves it.  You should see the amazing work on display here!

we purchased on of the cacti in a vase...hoping we can get it back home safely
the flyer/announcement for my guest lecture

We got some wonderful tourist materials from the Serbian Ambassador to the Macedonia at the DMWC coffee -- see

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