Saturday, May 20, 2017

Skopje: QSI 20th Anniversary Celebration

Wow! What a wonderful celebration of QSI Skopje's 20th Anniversary!

I attend the PSG meetings (Parent Support Group, the PTA) -- the monthly meetings following the monthly Community Time.  (See, for example, blog post February meeting, blog post March meeting
 blog post January meeting ) 

so I have been aware of the planning of the event.  And we contributed to our classroom's raffle basket. So I had a general idea about the event that was being planned at the school.

But I have to say, when we were welcomed by those guys on stilts - with the concerts on the stage - and the Tikves wines pouring - I was just blown away.  It was really a fantastic event -- for a fantastic school community and academic program!

Way to go Alison and Andrew!! And Eric and Zaha! And all of the staff and parents and sponsors who helped make this event possible!

I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity that my daughter has had to attend school here during my fellowship.

QSI website:

QSI facebook page:

Tikves Winery:  THANK YOU for being a sponsor of the event!

our dear friends Aneta and Toni - their daughter was in the first class of students at QSI Skopje
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welcome to QSI!

we got to hang out with a colorful cast of characters

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during part of the evening there were activities organized for the children

PSG Co-President and Co-Organizer of this fantastic event. GREAT JOB

It was such a lovely evening for the event. Many remarked that this should be a space that could be rented out for events.
this is the school video - we had watched on the QSI website many times as we were trying to decide between QSI and Nova - pictured in this video snapshot is Mr Voda, science teacher extraordinaire.  My daughter LOVES taking his science classes - he is such an inspiring teacher! - that she participates in a Science Experiments Club after school that he runs as well. I can't wait for the Science Fair next week
 You can watch the whole video here
we won not one, not two, but THREE gift baskets?! we bought a lot of tickets (all for a good cause!) still, we were feeling lucky, on many levels, as we left the event
 (It was like the time we won 3 gift baskets at a Junior League Jelly Bean Fling -- one because my daughter found the golden egg, one because we won the Peeps Diorama Contest, and one because I won the raffle basket prize. Crazy!)

See more pictures on the QSI facebook photo album from the event

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