Sunday, May 14, 2017

Skopje: Cable car up Mount Vodno and the Millenium Cross

So glad that we finally made it in the cable car up Mount Vodno! THANKS, Gjylia!!
Spectacular views from the top -- along with playground areas for kids and many gazebos and picnic areas. Makes for a fun family outing.

And we loved seeing the Millennium Cross up close.  This is like a beacon for us in Skopje - we know our way back home vis-a-vis our relationship to the cross (which is illuminated at night).

(We had one failed attempt -- when we participated in the Girl Scouts hiking and trash clean up day -- the cable cars were closed that day -- see this blog post Girl Scouts Hiking and Trash Clean Up Vodno

Why, Hello there!

Look, it's our luck number - 8!

No Donald Trumps allowed, apparently

lovely cafe - and macchiatos - awaited us as soon as we got off the cable car

several playground areas and gazebos/seating/picnic areas

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