Saturday, May 20, 2017

Constitutional Court: my Constitutional Law class from the State University of Tetovo visits with Judge Natasha Gaber-Damjanovska and Judge Ismail Darlishta

My students at the State University in Tetovo had an exam in the morning, so they could not join my SEEU group for the session of the Court.  We were so appreciative of Judge Gaber-Damjanovska, Judge Darlishta, and the staff of the Court who helped us to arrange this second visit later in the day.

Thank you!

Judge Natasha Gaber-Damjanovska
Judge Ismail Darlishta

for spending time with our students, explaining the work of the Constitutional Court. 

We first met in the conference room, then got a tour of the Courtroom, and then had a chance to visit Judge Darlishta in his chambers (and he even let us try on his robe!)

For more information, see the website of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia:

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meeting with Judge Gaber-Damjanovska and Judge Darlishta







with Judge Gaber-Damjanovska and Judge Darlishta

my students on the Bench

Professor Jusuf Zejneli, Vice Dean of the Law Faculty, with Judge Darlishta

with Professor Jusuf, Vlora, and Judge Darlishta

in Judge Darlishta's chambers

Professor Jusuf and I go from Constitutional Law scholars to Constitutional Court judges
outside the entrance to the Constitutional Court




on the bridge, the Court is behind us

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