Monday, May 29, 2017

SERBIA, Nis: McDonald's!

Even though I very much wanted to find a nice barbeque restaurant, for which Nis is famous, after visiting a Nazi Concentration Camp (see blog post about visit to concentration camp)
and Skull Tower (see blog post about visit to Cele Kula)
I thought a quick snack at McDonalds, before heading to my guest lecture at the American Corner in Nis, would be OK. It had been a pretty intense day, to say the least.
(And, at this point we had been living in Macedonia, where there are no McDonalds, for about 4 months -- so the temptation of a McFlurry and a Happy Meal toy was too great to resist)

convenient way to place and to pay for our order (in English)

there was free wifi - and also a counter with several tablets for those who did not bring their own devices

across from the parking lot we saw this play area for kids to drive these vehicles. we were running short on time, but, after our afternoon at the Concentration Camp and Skull Tower, a little ice cream and electric cars were welcome respite

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