Wednesday, May 24, 2017

QSI Skopje Science Fair Night

Last night was the Science Fair at QSI.  So. Much. Creativity.

The best part: all of these projects were completed at school.

Usually at these types of events it is evident which projects were completed by the kids and which by the parents. In this case...all of the discovery on display was student-driven.

(And, as temporary residents, we also appreciated the help of the science teacher/curriculum for the necessary supplies.)

I enjoyed walking around the Fair and listening to the students talk about what they learned. Every single student had something to celebrate. Bravo, Mr. Vadah!

with beloved and inspiring Science teacher - Mr. Vadah

it was a dark and stormy night...but you wouldn't know that from the turnout

explaining her project to her classroom teacher....Mr. Nellermoe..thanks for being so supportive of your students!!

learning from her friends

mentos and cola -- it's like we're back at Great Explorations Children's Museum in St Pete!

with beloved and inspiring Science teacher Mr. Vadah

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