Monday, May 29, 2017

SERBIA, Belgrade: Skardalija

Originally we had planned to spend the evening at Epic playground for kids (where there are trampolines such that you can literally bounce off the walls). We decided, instead, to find Skardalija, the Bohemian neighborhood, to find a Serbian restaurant for dinner.

As it turned out, our hotel was located on this famous street.  I did not even realize that when I booked the hotel (!?) (The address of the hotel was a cross-street.)

All we had to do was walk out the door of our hotel to walk up and down the cobblestone street.

It was a beautiful spring evening. It was delightful chatting with local artists and window-shopping as we were deciding on a restaurant for dinner. We were looking for a place with Serbian cuisine that also had live music. This was not hard to find, as nearly every cafe could fit this description.

We ended up eating at the restaurant associated with our hotel. I was a little disappointed that my daughter wanted to order the pizza, but it was delicious and she ate a good meal.

yes, my daughter wanted this frappe as an "appetizer" to take the edge off as we were looking for a good place to have dinner

I learned when consulting tourism materials on the drive to Belgrade that there are 3-hour rakija tours (!) - sounded like an interesting experience - but not one for my daughter. Instead, I thought I would sample different rakijas during the trip. This one was the honey brandy - heavy and very sweet
we bought from this artist pendant necklaces with vintage globes

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