Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NOVA Graduation - Celebrating the Class of 2017, and especially Petar Peshev!

We were delighted to celebrate Petar's graduation from Nova. The event took place at the Macedonian National Theater. An impressive venue for an even more impressive event.

(see this blog post for more about MNT: http://jainmacedonia.blogspot.mk/2017/04/skopje-macedonian-national-theater-mnt.html )

We heard from 2 members of the Class of 2007 - who shared their perspectives (10 years out) for the 2017 graduating class. The Keynote Address was delivered by the famous Macedonian musician Vlatko Stefankovski. There were student performances by the band (featuring Petar on the drums!) and by a dance group.

It was a well-rounded celebration of the talents of the graduating class that we genuinely enjoyed. 

Of course, our favorite moments were when Petar delivered the Senior Address - and when he received many accolades.  (I am writing this now a few weeks since the event - so I am going to forget all of the awards that Petar received - but they included recognition as the Salutatorian and excellence in all of the Advanced Placement courses.)

My daughter was inspired by the event - and by the academic achievements of NOVA's Class of 2017. I think it was good for her to see and to think about her own goals for the future.

Petar's future is bright. That is for certain. He is heading to the US this fall to study at Brown University.  We can't wait to welcome him to sunny Florida on a school break!

Here is a link to the recent TV21 interview with Petar about his acceptance to Brown University:

TV21 interview with Petar Peshev

NOVA website:  http://nova.edu.mk/

NOVA facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nova.schools

BRAVO, Petar!

at this event we realized on of my daughter's friends from NOVA is also Aneta's niece?! Small world..
with Petar's brilliant and caring parents - Toni and Aneta - all children should be so blessed

During the presentations there were supertitles in Macedonian

a famous Macedonian musician gave the keynote address to the class -- Vlatko Stefanovski

Petar delivering the Senior Address
I believe this was when Petar was recognized for all of the Advanced Placement courses?! (He received so many awards - and now my memory has faded?!)

Petar receiving his diploma

with his proud mama
and with his proud friends
the celebration continued at the Peshev home

the view of Skopje from the terrace

We love this family!!

we learned that one of my daughter's friends from NOVA is also Aneta's niece?! Small world

the proverbial "hostess with the mostess"

a feast!
I wish the pictures did justice to the views of Skopje (at night) from the terrace

not only did we enjoy the feast at the party - but - as usual - we got a goody bag/container of treats to bring home with us (!?) this was the beginning of the dessert container (macarons!!) ....we had another with meats and cheeses ... so we were able to continue the celebration at home ;-) ... thanks, as always, to the hospitality and generosity of the Peshevs!

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  1. What an exotic graduation dinner set up! Thinking to book one of the sea located Chicago event venues for pool party of all friends soon. Not finalized the date yet but it will be somewhat around mid of next month. Quality drinks with Thai food and fondant desserts will be a great idea. Will ask all about the music and Dj.