Monday, June 5, 2017

GREECE, Athens: Tavern Kalokernos - Syntache - Opa!

On Friday and Saturday nights we went out exploring the shops and cafes in Plaka.

After walking more than 8 miles -- in the mid-day sun -- up and down the Acropolis -- we were ready to sit down and enjoy a good meal in the air conditioning!

As it turned out, we did not sit down, but we were dancing (in our new winged "Hermes" sandals (!) at a wonderful dinner show at the Tavern Kalokernos.

had a great time at the show -- Greek folk dances, belly dancers, singer, and, the piece de resistance - at the end - we threw plates.
It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day. We will treasure these precious memories.

We learned the syntache.

We threw plates.


My daughter was up on the stage many times throughout the evening (and so was I!)

Tavern Kalokerinos website:

our plates are ready

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