Friday, June 16, 2017

Macedonian - and Albanian - Hospitality: Dinner with SEEU Vice Rector Blerim Reka

with Vice Rector Blerim Reka, of SEEU

I have said many times on this blog how much we enjoyed our time in Macedonia. And what made this experience so special was the hospitality and the generosity of the people we were privileged to work with.

(I spoke further about this here in my interview with Balkanalysis Chris Deliso: balkanalysis article, Chris Deliso)

Our colleagues were so welcoming, inviting us to their homes so we could share delicious meal together, learning more about traditions and customs and getting to know each other better.

Here are some pictures of our visit at the home of my colleague at SEEU Vice Rector Blerim Reka.

You have read more about Vice Rector Reka on this blog.  For example, about my welcome to  SEEU:

The Vice Rector's resume is most impressive.  He is a prolific scholar, a former Fulbright Fellow at UCLA, former Ambassador to the EU -- and he was involved in drafting constitutions in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro as well as the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the constitutional amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia to align with that agreement.

It has been a privilege to work with such esteemed colleagues. And I am looking forward to our continued cooperation.

a sampler of so many delicious appetizers

the Ohrid trout -- such a delicacy!


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