Thursday, June 29, 2017

DMWC Viintage Party -- Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Center -- June

The DMWC -- Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Center - is an organization geared towards welcoming newcomers to Macedonia.  I was fortunate to connect with them right when I first arrived (thanks to a contact in the IWA International Women's Association Skopje, a parent at my daughter's school, QSI Skopje). 

Followers of this blog may remember the Vranec wine tasting I attended just days after I arrived
DMWC Vranec winetasting blog post - January

or the coffee with the Serbian Ambassador
blog post -- DMWC coffee with the Serbian Ambassador

and previous vintage fashion parties
DMWC vintage party march blog post 

Just before we left Macedonia (sob), we stopped by the June DMWC Vintage Sale. These vintage sales are held at a member's home - and provide an opportunity for members to donate items that they no longer need - and others can purchase at very reasonable prices - and the proceeds go to support the DMWC charitable work. A win-win-win.

This time we came with some donations (of things that would not be making it back with us in our suitcases) - and were restrained in our purchases (knowing there was no more room in our luggage!)  Still, we found a few items we could not leave without -- like a beautiful vintage handmade traditional blouse with the lovely embroidery work for my daughter. At 100 MKD (less than $2) we could not leave this behind.

We also wanted to be sure we stopped by this month's party, as it was being held at our friend Lolita's house - the President of Zonta Skopje (with whom I collaborated for a civics project in my "Democracy and Civil Society" class -- see blog post - Say No To Violence Against Women - Tetovo event and blog post Say No to Violence Against Women event Skopje ).

Here is a link to the Dobredojde Macedonian Welcome Center (DMWC) facebook page:

The DMWC website is 
There you will find editions of a magazine that they publish (links to PDF files) -- excellent articles and photos about different regions in Macedonia.



this is the DMWC who organizes all of the vintage events - Aneta!
every month the event is hosted at a different member's home

with Emilija, President of the DMWC - taken by my friend Gjylia

with our friend Gjylia

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