Monday, January 29, 2018

Tito and Me (Tito i ja)

As I was perusing the stacks at USFSP Poynter Library, looking for a documentary that I show to my Women and the Law class about women's suffrage (without the benefit of having the call number) - I discovered that

Tito and Me

was a part of the video collection.  As luck would have it, we actually still have a machine capable of playing VHS tapes in our home (!?) - so I checked it out.

On Friday night, my daughter and I had a movie night - and we enjoyed watching this comedy in Serbian (with English subtitles).

From the movie jacket:  "Set in Belgrade in 1954, TITO AND ME is the comical story of pudgy, 10-year-old Zoran, who lives in an overcrowded apartment with his artist parents, aunt, uncle, grandmother and horrid cousin Svetlana. Zoran is a quirky child who, to his parents' dismay, adores Yugoslavia's charismatic leader Marshall Tito more than he does his own family. In the rate moments when Zoran is not dreaming about Tito, his thoughts are filled with Jasna, an awkward twelve-year-old orphan girl. When Jasna says that she is going away for two weeks on a walking tour of Tito's homeland, Zoran is inspired o win an essay contest at his school, in order to accompany her on a journye in his hero's honor. Although the tour turns out to be a disaster of itchy rashes, rainy nights and ghosts in palaces, Zoran discovers the strength of true friendship, and he importance of his love for his family."

Here is a link to the Tito and Me trailer:

A contemporaneous New York Times review of the film in 1993:

For more about our travels in Serbia, see posts from May 2017 on this blog.

When in Pristina (Kosovo), we purchased a bill from the former Yugoslavia depicting Josip Broz Tito:


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