Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#ACYPLMacedonia in Florida -- Special Delivery -- Justicia journal from Prof Arber Ademi -- law faculty of University of Tetova

I was honored to be the State Host of the delegation of Macedonian political leaders for the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) in December, organizing a 6-day visit in December.

When I received word that one of the delegates was a professor in the law faculty at the University of Tetova -- with which I was affiliated when I was teaching in Macedonia as Fulbrighter last year (I was placed at the University of Tetova faculty of law and with the South East European University faculty of law) -- I asked if he, Prof. Arber Ademi, would bring a hard copy of the journal with him to America.  He graciously agreed to take up space/weight in his suitcase to deliver the journals to me.  Thanks so much!!

From my blog post in November, when the Journal was released:

During one of my first meetings with the Law Faculty (see blog post about first meeting at UT and blog post about meeting wtih the Dean of the Law Faculty) at the University of Tetova, I was invited to submit an article to the journal published by the law faculty (Fakulteti Juridik):

Justicia: International Journal of Legal Sciences

Vol. 5, No. 7 (7/2017) includes an article that provides an update to my study of Congressional participation as amicus curiae before the US Supreme Court: "Congress Befriends the Supreme Court: Congressional Participation as amicus curiae before the US Supreme Court."

The journal was just released at a conference organized by the Law Faculty in November.

Thank you to Prof. Jusuf Zejneli and the editors and reviewers. I am delighted to have my research included in this publication.

Thank you Prof. Arber Ademi for bringing copies of Justicia with you to the US

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