Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#ACYPLMacedonia in Florida -- Seminole City Council Meeting

I was honored to be the State Host of the delegation of Macedonian political leaders for the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) in December, organizing a 6-day visit in December.

Thanks so much to Mayor Leslie Waters for welcoming the delegation to the Seminole City Council Meeting. 

As with the Pinellas County Commission Joint Legislative Delegation meeting
(see http://jainmacedonia.blogspot.mk/2018/01/acyplmaccedonia-in-florida-joint.html

and the Pinellas County Commission meeting
(see http://jainmacedonia.blogspot.mk/2018/01/acyplmacedonia-in-florida-pinellas.html

It was a great opportunity to see government in action -- and "government in the sunshine."

We were able to see citizen recognition as well as public comment on an important land use decision in Seminole.

In addition to the city business -- the Delegation was recognized by Mayor Waters -- and the City Council issued a proclamation declaring Wednesday, December 13 Macedonian Delegation Day!

The next day we returned to Seminole for a meeting with Mayor Waters, City Manager Ann Tonie-Deal, Human Resources Director Harry Kyne, and Community Development  Director Mark Ely for a Transparency in Government Roundtable. (More coming on this blog)

For more about Seminole City government see http://www.myseminole.com/
For more about government in the sunshine, see  http://myfloridalegal.com/

the Macedonian delegation was on the Agenda for the Seminole City Council Meeting -- thanks for the warm welcome, Mayor Leslie Waters!

recognizing the delegates who are Members of Parliament
each of the esteemed delegates was introduced

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