Monday, January 15, 2018

#ACYPLMacedonia in Florida -- Meetings at the Criminal Justice Center - 6th Judicial Circuit

I was honored to be the State Host of the delegation of Macedonian political leaders for the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) in December, organizing a 6-day visit in December.

A special thanks to assistant Public Defender Greg Williams for his help in arranging a courthouse visit for us -- at the Criminal Justice Center (of the 6th Judicial Circuit) with judges, prosecutors, and public defenders to learn more about the criminal justice system in the US.

After informative presentations by public defender Greg Williams, state attorney Fred Shaub, and Judge Joseph A. Bulolne, a thought-provoking discussion ensued about the rule of law and the prosecution of corruption.

Click here to see more about the visit on the 6th Judicial Circuit facebook page:

 Here is an overview of the 6th Judicial Circuit, from the website:

"As Florida's third largest trial court, the Sixth Judicial Circuit is recognized as one of the most efficient trial courts in the nation. The circuit is also recognized nationally for its automation leadership in support of court operations.

Sixty-nine judges – 45 at the circuit level and 24 in county courts – hear cases in the Sixth Judicial Circuit. The Sixth Circuit is comprised of Pasco and Pinellas counties and is located on the Central West Coast of Florida.

In the Sixth Circuit, cases are assigned to one of 13 Court Divisions, nine at the circuit level and four at the county level. The type of case determines the division designation, and then the case is randomly assigned to a judge in that division."

To learn more about the 6th Judicial Circuit, see

To learn more about ACYPL, see

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