Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wines of Macedonia Come to Sunny Florida! Chateau Kamnik, Popov Winery, Tikves and others in Naples

I was delighted to learn that Chateau Kamnik and other Macedonian wineries would be visiting Florida as a part of the Wines of Macedonia tour. 

Stops were planned for Miami (a 5-hour drive each way from our home) and Naples ( about a 3-hour drive each way from our home). Not terribly convenient on a school night - but - how could I miss out on the opportunity to welcome Macedonians to Florida - and to enjoy a taste of Macedonian Vranec and Tamjanika?!

(For more about Vranec, Tamjanika, and other local grape varieties see
with Natalija from Chateau Kamnik and Josef, an importer
I hope that through events such as these, Macedonian wines will be more readily available in the US market -- specifically, Tampa Bay, Florida! 

Followers of this blog will remember that within days of arriving in Skopje, I attended a Dobredojde Macedonian Welcome Center event that was a Vranec tasting.  A fitting introduction to Macedonia, and its impressive wineries.

We also enjoyed our visits to Chateau Kamnik

 and Popova Kula Winery (on the day we visited the Roman ruins in Stobi we stopped at the winery for lunch)
and -- for more about the Roman ruins in Sobi:

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to welcome Macedonian wine representatives to Florida, if only briefly. 

I had a lovely visit with Natalija, of Chateau Kamnik, Miro, the owner of the Popov Winery, and with importers of Macedonian wines at the Aqua restaurant in Naples.

And now - I know of more wineries to visit when we return.

with Miro, the owner of the Popov Winery

For more about Wines of Macedonia

Wines of Macedonia facebook page:
and website:

For more about Chateau Kamnik see

For more about Popov Winery
 and facebook page

For more about Tikves
and facebook page
I will always have fond memories of Tikves from the QSI 20th Anniversary -- here you can see the lovely event set up, with barrels as tables, and, of course, the wine:

For more about Stobi Winery:

and facebook page:

Chateau Kamnik

Natalija from Chateau Kamnik

Stobi Winery
Dalvina Winery

Popov Winery

The event took place at the Aqua restaurant in Naples. See

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