Wednesday, October 11, 2017

International Education Month 2017 at USFSP -- "Rule of Law and Civil Society: My Fulbright in Macedonia"

 Pictured with colleagues from the University of Tetova (Hatibe Deari, Head of International Relations Office, and Professor Shefik Shehu) and from South East European University, Vice Rector Blerim Reka

I am delighted to have been asked to share my extraordinary experiences in Macedonia during an International Education Month 2017 event -- on Monday, November 13th at Poynter Library.

In addtion to discussing my work at the South East European University and the University of Tetova, I will also include a short "travelogue" so you can see pictures of all there is to explore in Macedonia -- the ancient Roman ruins, the Byzantine frescoes, the Ottoman fortresses, the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes (and outdoor activities like kayaking and skiing), the wineries, the delicious cuisine....

From the flyer:

During her Fulbright in Macedonia, Dr. Scourfield McLauchlan taught US Constitutional Law at South East European University (SEEU) in Skopje and Comparative Constitutional Law and Democracy and Civil Society at the State University of Tetovo in Tetovo (both universities founded to provide higher education opportunities for ethnic Albanian students in their native language). She also learned more about the legal and constitutional reforms (post-Ohrid Framework Agreement) undertaken in Macedonia to provide for greater protection for ethnic minority rights.

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