Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fulbright Welcome Reception at USF Tampa

It was a pleasure to attend the Annual Fulbright Welcome Reception, sponsored by the Fulbright Association (Mid-Florida Chapter) and USF World. At the reception, Fulbrighters from around the world (and placed at universities in central Florida) are welcomed, as are returning Fulbrighters (who are coming back home to Florida).

The reception also includes a poster presentation, and I was invited to present about my award in Macedonia: "Rule of Law and Civil Society."

I enjoyed looking through my photos and reminiscing about the wonderful experience my daughter and I had in Macedonia while putting together this poster -- and having the opportunity to share those experiences at the reception.

One couple who came over to talk to me used to be at Arizona State University in Tempe -- which has been a sister city with Skopje for decades (since Yugoslav times).  They had traveled to Skopje as a part of the Sister Cities program.  Here is more info

Another who came over to express interest in my work in Macedonia turned out to be a colleague from USF Sarasota who is from Croatia.

I appreciated how much interest there was in the Balkans in general and in Macedonia in particular.

And it is always a pleasure to meet the Fulbrighters who are coming her from all over the world. Last night I had the chance to personally welcome scholars from Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Colombia, Ghana, Togo, Pakistan...

The Fulbright Program has had such a tremendous impact, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.  Needed now more than ever.

I was delighted to share my experiences in Macedonia with the Honorable Betty Castor -- former President of USF and former Chair of the Fulbright Board

with the Dean of my college (the College of Arts & Sciences at USFSP) Dean Frank Biafora (Fulbrighter to Vietnam) with Fulbrighter Quyet from Vietnam, whom Dean Biafora is hosting.

Professor Darlene DeMarie of USF, President of the Fulbright Association (Mid-Florida Chapter) and the USF Fulbright Faculty Advisor, opening the program

USF leads the nation as the "Top Producer" of Fulbright Scholars.  I am also proud that USF ranks #3 in the number of graduates who become Peace Corps Volunteers. (Still on my Bucket List!) 

More pics are on the USF World facaebook page

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