Wednesday, July 26, 2017

QSI Skopje: May Community Time (tumbling!)

My daughter had such a wonderful time at QSI Skopje. We are so grateful that our daughter had such a rewarding time in Macedonia. Even though our move was for my Fulbright/work, it was such a joy and a privilege to bring my daughter with me.

We manged to arrive in Skopje just in time to attend the January Community Time, held the last Friday of the month. I posted about each subsequent Community Time for the rest of the Spring semester. Here are some of the links:

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(There are many other posts about events and activities at QSI Skopje -- like the Chili Cook Off, Yard Sale, International Food Festival, Science Fair Night, Book Fair, Art Auction, and, of course, the 20th Anniversary celebration, to name a few.)

At each of the Community Time events -- after hearing updates from the school's principal and the president of the PSG (Parent Support Group) -- we would have the opportunity to see children from various classes and/or after school activity perform/showcase what they were learning.

At the May event, my daughter's tumbling/gymnastics program was featured.  She even got a medal for being the "most improved" student.

Her after other school activities included quilling, kangoo jumps, Girl Scouts, science experiments, private voice and piano lessons, drama, and rock climbing.  We were impressed by the array of after school activities that she had to choose from. And, logistically it was so much easier than it is in Florida for her to take part in music/dance/sports/arts after school -- she could stay on campus and then take the bus home.

I really wanted to try the kangoo jumping - and do a video post - but - alas - by the time I had this idea, the semester was over.  (I just googled "kangoo jumping" - and apparently we can buy our own for $239 (!) on amazon - but - these would NOT be appropriate in the beach bungalow!)

Back when I was going to post about kangoo jumping, I did locate these links about the Kangoo Club Skopje -- 

Video from Kangoo Club page - explanation of kangoo jumping

video from Kangoo Club Skopje page - class

Video (from Kangoo Club Macedonia page)

KangooJump Macedonia facebook page:

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