Monday, June 18, 2018

Elected to the SEEU Board of Trustees

I am honored to have been elected to the South East European University Board of Trustees, effective during the June 2018 Board meeting.

I participated in this meeting via Skype videoconference, as I was in California participating in the Civic  Learning and Democratic Engagement CLDE 2018 conference.  (I organized a Think Tank session with my colleague Prof. Elizabeth Bennion about "Civic Engagement in the Online Classroom.")  For me, the meetings took place between Midnight and 4:00 AM, and my next meeting at the conference started at 7:30 AM. So it made for a long night. However, I wanted very much to participate in this first Board meeting as well as the election of the new Rector, so I was most grateful for the Secretary-General and the IT Department in working hard to ensure the smooth connection and my participation in the meetings.

I appreciated this accommodation due to my professional obligations at the conference. but I am looking forward to participating in the November meeting in person.

For more about the history of SEEU:

Taken during my first visit to the SEEU Tetovo campus in January 2017

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