Sunday, November 19, 2017

#IEW2017 International Education Week at USFSP - "Rule of Law and Civil Society in Macedonia"

I was delighted to share my experiences during my Fulbright to Macedonia during this year's #IEW2017 events at USFSP.

Thanks to Wendy Baker, Director of USFSP Global Initiatives for the invitation.  (See more about International Education Month at USFSP   here)

And thanks to all those who came out to learn more about my award: "Rule of Law and Civil Society"

here are some of my Macedonia travel books that I brought for "show-and-tell"
and here is the posted that I created for the USF World/Fulbright Association Welcome event earlier this semester ...along with other "show-and-tell" items, the Mother Teresa gift from the University of Tetova as well as the Seal of the South East European University

The event flyer, featuring colleagues from the University of Tetova and South East European University:

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