Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Skopje: Ultra Computing

visitors to the office are welcomed by Toni's vibrant art
While in Macedonia, I tried to learn as much as I could about the history and politics and traditions and cuisine and culture and economy of the Republic of Macedonia, the former Yugoslavia, and the Balkan Peninsula.

In addition to meeting with judges, lawyers, academics, community leaders, and students - I also met with business leaders.

This post is about Ultra Computing, a company founded by Aneta and Toni Peseva.

A description of the company from the website:

"ULTRA Computing is the pillar of the Macedonian ICT industry. With more than 20 years experience on the market, ULTRA Computing is one of the leading companies whose portfolio comprises system integration, design, development and implementation of complex information systems as well as provision of services from all levels of IT projects' lifecycle. Most of the governmental institutions, as well as a number of public and private companies in the Republic of Macedonia are running on the software and hardware platforms designed by ULTRA Computing.

"Ultra is also one of the biggest IBM and Oracle Business Partners in Macedonia, as well as representative and/or dealer of other world leading companies in the ICT field.

"In 1995 Ultra became the pioneer of Internet service provision in Macedonia, by establishing the company UNET, the first ISP in Macedonia."
You can learn more on the Ulrta Computing website:  http://www.ultra.com.mk/newweb/index.asp

Ultra Computing facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Ultra-doo-Skopje-201938290349/

I also wanted to include links to 2 articles that feature interviews with Aneta Peseva.

(1)  In this interview with Aneta you can learn more about what it was like founding one of the first private companies in the former Yugoslavia -- an inspiration for women and girls interested in STEM, entrepreneurs, and working moms everywhere:


(2) In this article from Macedonia Business Catalogue 2014 you can read an interview with Aneta Peseva:  "Young Talents in the Country are the most Important Resource in the IT World"

I am sorry that some of these pictures are upside down (!) - I tried fixing them - but - if you can read the article (it is in Macedonian and in English), you can see why Aneta is such an inspiring leader and role model.

A few pictures from my tour of Ultra Computing:

another of Toni's magnificent paintings

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