Sunday, April 30, 2017

Demir Kapija: Popova Kula Winery

On our way back from the archeological site Stobi, we stopped at the Popova Kula winery (the self-proclaimed "Temple of Wine").

It was an overcast (and drizzly) day, but still the views of the vineyards in the mountains were spectacular.  We enjoyed a tasting on the (covered) patio, overlooking the grounds (and the events that were taking place that day).  We sampled the Altan, Stanushina Rose, Prokupec, Vranec, and Muscat Ottonel.

Our server told us that there is a Museum of Wine in Demir Kapja. I found the website, here -- 
We were not able to add that museum to our itinerary on this excursion, but, would be fun to do on a return trip.

About the location, from the Popova Kula website:

"The Popova Kula Winery and vineyards are located on the south slopes of the Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) west of the lovely town of Demir Kapija and close to the highway E-75.

Demir Kapija valley lays on the southeast part of the Tikveshiya  grape growing sub-region that is a part of the Povardarie region.

The oldest archeological findings proving that people in this area have grown vineyards and have made wine date 13 century b.c.

It is a location with excellent climate and perfect soil for grape growing.

King Aleksander Karadjordjevic had a kingdom that stretched across present day Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia,Bosnia and Slovenia, including the Adriatic coast and Panonian Valley. He had vast possibilities to choose from for the location of his vineyard.  However, following the advice of trusted consultants King Aleksander chose wisely and planted his first vines in the micro region of Demir Kapija on exactly the same location where we have our vineyards today."

The website also explains the origin of their name:

"To remain faithful to the people and historical fabric of the region, our winery was named after an important tower, the Popova Kula (Priest’s Tower) which once served as an important checkpoint on the old Roman road that passes next to our location.

The Popova Kula served as important markers of the region but has since been destroyed.  In tribute we have erected a new 17m high tower and named the winery Popova Kula."

Here is the Popova Kula website:

and the Popoval Kula facebook page:

I note on their website a link to how to buy the Popova Kula wines in the US -- and it looks like they can be shipped to Florida. So we will be able to enjoy a Macedonian Vranec after we return home.



my daughter enjoyed playing soccer with other kids while we enjoyed the wine and cheese

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